Where are the autumn leaves in Wentworth Falls?

Where are the autumn leaves in Wentworth Falls?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/20/2022

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Wentworth Falls has bushwalks, views across Jamison Valley and the fantastic autumn leaves. This is something you want to explore for sure!

Wentworth is a beautiful town in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. During autumn it’s even more stunning when the leaves start turning orange and yellow while slowly falling off the trees. The best time to see the autumn trees is during autumn between March to May. Going at the beginning of autumn is best to go before all the leaves fall off the trees.

Where to find autumn leaves in Wentworth Falls

One of the best locations in Wentworth Falls to see the autumn leaves is down Sinclair Crescent. There is a tunnel of trees along the street. If you are driving in the area, it is well worth the detour off the highway. If you have time, you can enjoy autumn in style and have a picnic or BBQ. Where you can sit, you get a fantastic view of the lake. Or you can walk along the lake with a hot drink.

Of course, Wentworth isn’t the only area to view the autumn leaves in the Blue Mountains.


Leura is the town after Wentworth Falls. To spot some of Leura’s autumn trees your best bet is going down their main street, Leura Mall. When you’ve reached the end of the street, head down the back streets for some more. Leura is a beautiful town, especially during autumn. A popular attraction to see some more autumn is Everglades House & Gardens. The garden has enough space for a picnic and there are picnic tables and a café. Make sure to check out the Leura Cascades too.


The autumn trees in Blackheath are found in the back streets and at the train station. The town is in the upper Blue Mountains, so they really get hit with the seasons. One of the most popular streets during autumn is Wentworth Street. You’ll see visitors along the street getting their autumn snaps.

Mount Wilson

Mount Wilson is a heritage garden village filled with bushland, rainforest and canyons. You can only imagine what Mount Wilson looks like during autumn. Around the area there are many places to stop and have a picnic or BBQ. Any of the walks through Mount Wilson will give you incredible views of the trees and Blue Mountains. Keep in mind if you are doing more of a challenging walk that the weather conditions can rapidly change in the mountains.

Wildwood Garden

Wildwood Garden is only opened twice a year during autumn and spring. The garden is one of the best places to enjoy autumn in full. With the trees and shrubs changing from green to their fiery colours. There is a cafe here for you to enjoy the autumn lifestyle while having a coffee, soup and dessert.

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