Which is the Best Blue Mountains Tour?

Which is the Best Blue Mountains Tour?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/05/2019

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The Blue Mountains area is an iconic region of New South Wales that will have you exploring magical waterfalls, amazing lookouts out onto green valleys shrouded in a blue mist and meeting some of Australia’s cutest critters.

At Sightseeing Tours Australia, we offer tours covering all the natural attractions that you might want to see on your getaway to the Blue Mountain, so the only decision you need to make is which tour you want to take.

  • Blue Mountains Day Tour

    Blue Mountains Day Tour

    The Blue Mountains Day Tour covers all the very best attractions of the region, visiting the most iconic sites so that you get to discover what makes the Blue Mountains so special in one convenient day. This tour is conducted on a minibus and departs every day from Sydney. Pick up times begin around 7:00 am and you’ll take a river cruise back to Sydney at the end of the day. You’ll stop at Sydney Zoo to met native wildlife, Echo Point to view the Three Sisters, and take a self-guided walk along Prince Henry Cliff Walk. This tour is the perfect introduction to the Blue Mountains highlights.

  • Blue Mountains Deluxe Tour

    Blue Mountains Deluxe Tour

    On the Blue Mountains Deluxe Tour, you’ll join your tour bright and early at 7 in the morning ready for the day’s adventure. The benefit of the deluxe tour is that your ticket includes access to the Sydney Zoo. If seeing native animals is the main reason for your visit to Australia, then this tour is for you! Your tour price also includes the entry fee to Scenic World where you’ll get a chance to ride the railway, cableway and skyway if you so choose. This tour will also take you to view the iconic Three Sisters Rock formation from Echo Point Lookout. At the end of your tour, you’ll take a scenic river cruise through Paramatta back to Sydney.

  • Blue Mountains Adventure with Jenolan Caves

    Blue Mountains Adventure with Jenolan Caves

    For those looking for a little bit of adventure, this Blue Mountains tour is for you. As well as visiting Scenic World, you’ll get to see one of the world’s oldest cave systems and take a guided tour through the famous Lucas Cave where you’ll learn about the complex tunnels and natural features that make this limestone cave so popular with visitors. It’s on this tour that you’ll also visit the mystical Blue Lake and stop off in Leura where you can purchase some lunch at some of the many options in the quaint town.

  • Sunset Blue Mountains Tour

    Sunset Blue Mountains Tour

    This charming tour will see fewer crowds while you take a bushwalk out over the Jamison Valley. You’ll stop at the Three Sisters for a perfect viewing of the sun setting over the hazy blue mist that lingers around the valley. This is the perfect tour if you’re wanting a more laidback experience with fewer crowds, however, keep in mind that a moderate fitness level is required for this tour as you will be walking through some uneven surfaces in the Blue Mountains.

  • 2 Day Blue Mountains Trip with Jenolan Caves

    2 Day Blue Mountains Trip with Jenolan Caves

    If you can’t decide which tour to do and you want to see all the attractions listed above, why not extend your tour a day to include wildlife and nature. This tour will give you the best of both worlds as you’ll have the chance to visit Scenic World, Featherdale Wildlife Park, and the Jenolan Cave over two days. You’ll stay at the YHA in Katoomba where you’ll stay in dormitory accommodation, however, there are also private bedrooms available as well. Some meals are included in the tour price as well as a guided eco walk for the nature lovers.

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