Watch the Sunset

Watch the Sunset in the Blue Mountains

Enjoy a breathtaking view of the Blue Mountains as the sunsets and lights up the region!

The famous Blue Mountains; one of the top day trips in New South Wales, only a couple hours from the bustling city of Sydney. Its enchanting forestland spreads out over the sprawling mountaintops and is home to wonderous wildlife unique to Australia. Spending a day (or weekend) here is a glorious time well spent. But instead of heading back to the city after lunch, stick around for a bit longer and witness a truly magical sight of the sunset within the Blue Mountains. Here are the greatest places to stop at for the striking sunset.

  • Echo Point Lookout

    Undoubtedly the Blue Mountains most popular lookout point is the famous Echo Point Lookout! Here you can enjoy stunning views of Jamison Valley, the Three Sisters, and surrounding sandstone cliffs. The Jamison Valley is home to thousands of eucalyptus trees, as well as it being densely populated with other plant life and animals. The Three sisters is an iconic section of large boulders that tower over the valley, featuring in a majority of the Blue Mountain’s postcards. It is one of the most visited attractions in the area, with the local aboriginal’s Dreamtime story giving it its name and backstory. The story involves three beautiful sisters who started a war between two tribes. This was all due to falling deeply in love with brothers from the neighbouring tribe which was forbidden. When both tribes found out, a great war began. The local witch doctor wanted to help the sisters in their troubles, transforming them into three rocks to hide them away from harm. Unfortunately, the witch doctor was killed in battle and therefore was unable to reverse the spell, leaving the three sisters to forever stay as these gigantic rocks. Learn the history of these rocks while marvelling at the view as the sunset beyond.

  • Wentworth Falls

    The Wentworth Falls provides both a stunning view of the sunset and a perfect afternoon swimming spot. It is listed as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area, with wentworth waters cascading down from the Jamison Creek, falling 300 metres until hitting the large pool below. With both cultural and active adventures offered at the waterfall, guests can learn about the history and culture of the ares while getting their heart beat racing around the many walking trails.

  • Evans Lookout

    Evans lookout overlooks the sandstone cliffs of Grose Valley, with lush greenery covering the surrounds and mountaintops boarding the edges. It is one of the top sunset lookouts of the region, with plenty of room to fit a large group, and is easy to get to, only a short drive from the town Blackheath. There are a number of walks starting and ending at this point as well, so start off with a light walk around the wildlife before heading back to Evans for the sunset.

  • Govetts Leap Lookout

    This picturesque view of Govett’s leap is one of the most spectacular sights of New South Wales. Overlooking the blue-hued valley of Govetts leap, with this thick bushland boarded by sandstone clifftops. The Bridal Veil Falls can be seen cascading down on the right side of the lookout, which you can travel to when hopping on one of the many walking tracks leading there.

  • Scenic World

    What better place to see the sunset than high above the canopy? The scenic world offers railways, cableways, walkways, and skyways throughout the blue mountain’s bushland. Letting visitors marvel at the stunning views from the ground, to the very top of the trees.

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