How long does it take to get to the Blue Mountains from Sydney?

How long does it take to get to the Blue Mountains from Sydney?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/14/2021

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The Blue Mountains are a natural paradise, a sprawling wonderland of dense sclerophyll forests, towering rock formations and stunning waterfalls.

Sublime Point Lookout, Blue Mountains

Their majestic beauty and diverse wildlife have long drawn eager travellers from Sydney, Australia and across the world, and it’s easy to see why. All you have to do is spend a weekend in this most invigorating landscape and you will understand why it has long been one of Australia’s favourite holiday destinations.

The Blue Mountains are just an hour’s drive from Sydney, and the peace and tranquility so close to the hustle and bustle of the city are sure to impress first time visitors!

So, now that we’ve got travel times down, what are some of the amazing experiences on offer in the Blue Mountains?

  • The world’s most breathtaking scenery

    The Blue Mountains are a nature lover’s dreamland, with lush rainforests, giant peaks and tranquil walks leading down to towering waterfalls and swimming holes. Visitors can marvel at the incredible Wentworth Falls, a 187-metre, a three-tiered waterfall that has long been one of the Mountains’ main attractions. If you still haven’t got your waterfalls to fix, head on over to Katoomba Falls for a different experience. Here, the water plummets right over the rock face and down into the Jamison Valley below.

  • Take the fam to Scenic World

    Scenic World is the perfect family outing in the Blue Mountains, and an amazing way to see the region in all its wondrous expanse. Whether you’re testing your mettle on the Scenic Skyway, a 720-metre long, 270-metre high cable way traversing between two clifftops, or on the world famous Scenic Railway, home of the steepest passenger railway in the world, Scenic Railway is a must for people looking for a little bit of adrenaline in this incredible part of the world.

  • Chill out & picnic

    No Blue Mountains sojourn is complete without settling down for a picnic amongst the lush rainforest. Head on down to the Leura Cascades for one of the most perfectly tranquil places to have lunch in the area. Here, streams trickle down rock faces and birds sing their unique songs, adding to the peaceful vibe of the picnic spot. Lyrebird Dell is another great spot, with a small waterhole and waterfall making the perfect backdrop for a well-deserved after-hike lunch.

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