How much is the Blue Mountain cable car?

How much is the Blue Mountain cable car?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/25/2022

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The Blue Mountains are the perfect location for nature lovers to view waterfalls, forests and wildlife.

The Blue Mountains have some of the most incredible scenery in New South Wales. Featuring eucalyptus forests and waterfalls, the Blue Mountains National Park is also home of the Three Sisters, Jamison Valley, Katoomba Falls, the Ruined Castle and Mount Solitary.

  • Scenic World

    Scenic World offers a Cableway (or Railway) allowing you to see stunning views of the mountains.

    There is an unlimited discovery daily pass, with midweek and weekend pricing, or an annual pass available. These passes cover the costs for all the rides including the Scenic Cableway, Scenic Railway and Scenic Skyway.

    Riding the Cableway or Railway takes you down into the valley. When you’ve reached the bottom, you can take a walk along the Scenic Walkway through the rainforest. When you are ready to go back, you can use either the Cableway or the Railway again. Don’t forget to check out the Scenic Skyway to get a great view of the Three Sisters!


    Midweek pricing

    One-day pass:
    Adults: $49.90
    Concession: $45
    Children (ages 3-15): $29.90

    Family pass (one day):
    1 adult and 1 child (ages 3-15): $79.80
    Extra adult: $49.90
    Extra child ages (3-15): 24.90

    Weekend pricing

    One-day pass:
    Adults: $55
    Concession: $49.50
    Children (ages 3-15): $33

    Family pass (one day):
    1 adult and 1 child (ages 3-15): $88
    Extra adult: $55
    Extra child: $27.50

    Annual pass:
    Adult: $99
    Child (ages 3-15): $54
    Extra children: $44

  • The Three Sisters

    The Three Sisters are three sandstone rock formations all next to each other, but many Australians will know them from the Dreaming Story. While visiting the Blue Mountains, be sure to get the best view of the Three Sisters from Echo Point lookout!

  • Jamison Valley

    At 10 kilometres wide, Jamison Valley is easily spotted across the Blue Mountains. Jamison Valley is best viewed from Echo Point lookout or the rides at Scenic World. But we recommend going around sunset for an even more beautiful view!

  • Katoomba Falls

    Near the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls can be viewed along one of the 45 minute walks between Echo Point and Scenic World. Katoomba Falls is one of the best waterfalls in the Blue Mountains.

  • Mount Solitary

    Mount Solitary is one of the mountains of the Blue Mountains, just off the Great Dividing Range. Most visitors take a challenging multi-day hike across Mount Solitary. It is about 34 kilometres and can take around three days to complete, so ensure you are fully prepared for this hike!

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