Views and Adventures at Bridal Veil Falls Govetts Leap

The Blue Mountains are a magical part of Australia, and Govett’s Leap and its surrounding area is no different. This incredible waterfall and accompanying lookout peers over the stunning sweep of the Grose Valley, exposing you to breath-taking views of velvet forests and dipping valleys.

Govett’s Leap was named after William Govett, who was the first settler from Europe who set foot in the area. He was a painter and surveyor, and first discovered the spectacular spot in 1831.

The Bridal Veil Falls can be seen from the Govett’s Leap lookout if you position yourself in a south-westerly direction. It was originally known simply as Govett’s Leap, because the word “leap” translates as waterfall in an old Scottish dialect.

Today, Govett’s Leap is one of the most popular lookouts in the country – and it is easy to see why when you stand on the edge looking out over the majestic views. The waterfall itself plunges 180m to the base of the cliff, surrounded by high, jutting peaks and forest scenery. The air around this part of the Blue Mountains has been promoted as a health tonic for the past two centuries thanks to its sheer clearness.

When you’re not enamoured by the cascading falls of water, you can look out across the Grose Valley and Wilderness. The area was saved by early bushwalkers, who have reserved its stunning natural beauty for the growth of blue gums. Keep your eyes peeled for colourful bird species, including the King Parrot here.

How to Get to Govett’s Leap

To get to Govett’s Leap and Bridal Veil Falls, head to Blackheath on the Great Western Highway. From there, you can turn straight onto Govett’s Leap Road that will take you directly to the lookout. You can park right by the lookout.

Walks at Govett’s Leap

As well as admiring the spectacular scenery from the lookout, you can also take a number of walks at Govett’s Leap.

There are several bushwalking trails that snake around the area of different lengths, meaning there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a light stroll or a more hard-core hiking experience.

From the lookout, you can head north to do the Pulpit Rock Walk, which takes you past Horseshoe Falls, and the Popes Glen Walk. Or, if you venture to the south, you can do the Bridal Veil Falls walk and the Barrow Lookout. Take it further here by going on to the Evans Lookout, and take the walking trail between there and Govett’s Lookout called the Cliff Top Track.

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