Waterfalls of the Blue Mountains

Waterfalls of the Blue Mountains

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/21/2019

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Find out the magical waterfalls to chase within the Blue Mountains!

  • Leura Cascades

    In the quaint township of Leura, discover a hidden waterfall in the Leura Cascades region. Perfect for birdwatching and picnicking, the easy walking trail will take you to a small stacked waterfall nestled quietly between shrubs and ferns in the heart of the valley. Make your way to the top of the falls for a stunning lookout out onto Jamison Valley before making your way back to the park. In the Leura Cascades picnic area, there are several small cascades that are easily accessible alongside the Leura Cascades Creek that runs through the heart of the area.

  • Wentworth Falls

    Cascading 187 metres down a three-tiered waterfall, Wentworth Falls is one of the grandest waterfalls in the Blue Mountains region. The furious rush of water can be seen from various look outs points along the trail and if you walk a further 200 steps down to the bottom of the lookout, you’ll be mesmerised by how the water falls lazily into the pool below. Wentworth falls shares the name of a town nearby and is a popular bushwalking area with many trails to choose from. Ranging from short and picturesque or tough with rewarding views at the end, there is truly a track for everyone. One notable trail is the Charles Darwin walk, which is an easy trail that follows the path in which Darwin took back in 1836. For a family-friendly outing, pack a picnic basket and make your way to the flat grassy park area where children can play.

  • Katoomba Falls

    This stunning staircased falls can be viewed by lookouts along a 2 kilometre track. Located between Echo Point and Scenic World, the waterfall drops down 150 metres into Jamison Valley forming part of the Kedumba River. At the Juliet’s Balcony lookouts there are unfiltered views of the entire falls on a small rock base platform where you can marvel at the grandeur of the valley in which Katoomba Falls sits. The whole track takes about an hour to two hours to complete, and its circuit is a round walking trail that has been graded at a moderate level of difficulty. For an easier lookout to get to, you can also see this waterfall from the skyway at Scenic World.

  • Govetts Leap – Bridal Veil Falls

    One of the tallest falls in the Blue Mountains region, Govetts Leap drops down 180 metres in a single drop that overlooks the Grose Valley. The cliff diving waterfall is also know as Bridal Veil Falls due to the natural similarity of a long veil a bride wears on their wedding day. There are two lookouts for the waterfall, the first being Govetts Leap for panoramic views of both the waterfall and the valley, the second is the Govetts Leap descent which allows adventure seekers to walk down a steep 1.2 kilometre track to the base of the falls where there is a picnic area. During this walk, keep a look out for the dazzling birdlife that are often flitting about.

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